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The development of the vast majority of children elapses almost unnoticed and smooth. However the development of some children may cause concern due to delay or anomaly. This may harm a child’s motoric and social function. For these children pedriatic physiotherapy is usually beneficial. We strive to optimize a child’s function throughout all stages of its development. 

For that purpose the children’s physiotherapist has the expertise, equipment and appropriate facilities to stimulate the child’s motoric development in a ‘playful’ way.

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Corona: The practice is spatious, easily allowing 1.5 meters distance between people. We Ensure all hygenic requirements are met during and inbetween treatments

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The practice

The practice is spacious and especially adapted to be inviting to children. 
Therapists takes their time to observe the child and its mobility.
Research outcome is clearly explained to the child along with the next steps.
The intent is that children appreciated and enjoy the therapie and like to come thus improving the effect of the therapy.

The first 18 treatments are covered by the dutch healthcare Insurance.
We have a contract with all the Dutch health insurance companys.

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If you have a question, please feel free to call or email.
071- 8884113,

An appointment can be me made by phone during workinghours or 24/7 through our online booking system.

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