Leiden Professorenwijk
Leiden Professorenwijk

Pediatric physiotherapie and unjuries

Children and pain
Pain with children can have various causes.
Most commen causes are growth issues, sports inuries and accidents. Childresn physiotherpie can aid in reducing the pain and accelerating the healing process.

Most injuries are, contradictory to what people believe, caused by growth. A typical condition is the shortening of the muscle attached to the growth plate. Typical symptons of this condition are pain below the heel/foot, pain below the knee and sometimes the hip. Children percieve this condition as very painful. Children tend to adjust their way of walking to minimise the pain resulting in other pain problems when this continues over longer period of time.
Explanation and exercises work very well with this type of conditions.

Example: A child has flat feet, This eventually cause pain in the foot after prolonged walking because the muscles in his feet can not keep the foot arched.  Orthosis placed in the shoe can work, however training and strengthening of the muscles un the foot is much more effective.


Sports injury
In  most cases, a sprained ankle is just bad luck. There is however a group of children that will sprain their ankle more easily than others. This can be caused by hypermobility or they have already sprained their ankle more often. Training of the muscles can reduce how often a ankle is sprained.

When an accident with children occurs, sometime a cast is placed. Joints can become stiff and the muscles become short. This can result in a change in movement, for example the way children walk. A childrens physiotherapist can aid in improving the movement patterns in a playfull way.

We are always open to give advvice by phone. Sometimes waiting for some weeks to see if it improves can sufficient. If no change at all is seen within 6 weeks, please contact us or your MP.